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  • design the water supply system
  • Installation of systems of Sewage Purification, Irrigation
  • the installation of heating systems
  • Drilling wells of different depths

    Drilling in the Kiev region allows us to resolve the question of the water supply (water supply). Addressing Kielburger, You can count on high quality services. Not only will we undertake the service of drilling the well and building it up, but will consult you on issues of well design, selection and installation of equipment, pumps and filters.
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  • Design of water supply systems

    Our company offers complex services on designing of systems of cold and hot water, water and wastewater, drainage, water purification and the prevention of leaks. During design of water supply developed a complete set of design documentation including working drawings of internal water supply and Sewerage systems, and the specification of the applied equipment.
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  • Installation of systems:
    Sewers • Cleaning • Irrigation

    Our company offers the system of Autonomous Sewerage and the installation of the necessary equipment.For this we use modern equipment, innovative cleaning technology and serious developments that have appeared over the years and years of work.
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  • The installation of heating systems

    Calculation and installation heating system in the country private or wooden house can be carried out "turnkey", in the repair, remodeling a home or just wish. Warmth and comfort are inseparable, and if you decide that your home lacks warmth and coziness, we are happy to do everything to solve this problem is to install the boiler, set it up and test it in action.
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Experts company "Kielburger" not only have many years of experience in this field and are able to professionally and confidently to work, we recommend the best friends and acquaintances. We do everything, that customers were satisfied with the results of our work. All services are warranted, and on its completion, we offer post-warranty service.

We are not the first, but some of the best in drilling!

 Use equipment and high quality materials. Select the options of price and quality based on the criteria of the customer, taking into account the technical standards of service provision.

the drilling of small-sized installation deep drilling of artesian wells for water installation of pumping equipment

Why it is profitable to use the services of professionals when you need well drilling

 Water is essential for any person. It not only provides a natural existence, but necessary for business purposes, the simpler the access, the more comfortable life becomes. Central water supply is available mostly only in large towns and cities, small towns, suburban areas, and even the private sector in the city often have no possibility to connect to the Central system. It is either too remote, or non-existent.
 Every time you get water at the closest column (in the well) shared access – too expensive, long and tedious. How many times have to go for such water for washing clothes, or watering the beds, for example? Without water in the house it is impossible to take a comfortable shower, use the washing machine, so many owners of private houses, summer houses come to a reasonable conclusion – it is necessary to provide themselves with their own well.
 The presence of private wells on the site allows to simplify and accelerate the process of obtaining water. In the long term it helps to ensure the house has a permanent water supply.
 Private well has many advantages. Primarily the owner and family members will not face the problem of disconnection, which is often observed in cities every summer, hot or cold water may be turned off periodically. Another important advantage is the ability to save money because will not have to pay for the services of service organizations water supply (water Utility).
 In order to obtain your own hole you need to drill. There are many organizations involved in the drilling professionally. They work on sections of any complexity and remoteness, using different techniques, methods, techniques and equipment that can quickly and efficiently provide services, to provide water to the area for many years. Previously, experts estimate the topography, conduct geodetic research, find out – where underground waters are closer to the surface. All of this is the advantages of the professional drilling.
 In drilling wells there are a lot of nuances, therefore it is not recommended to do this yourself. Spending a lot of time and effort into self-digging, often the owner does not receive long-term access to water, professional research enable you to find the best option for drilling water wells. It is important to note that drilling can be conducted any time of year, even in winter.
 In most cases, to perform the work using a drilling machine. In this case, you must be able its entrance to the site. Otherwise, use the drilling rig, it is going on the drilling site, is doing well and going back – the whole process shouldn't take more than one hour. Efficiency of work of experts is also a plus and professional drilling.

Drilling well

You can order drilling water in "Kielburger", we do it right anywhere in Kiev and Kiev region. Although there is always someone who will do it cheaper, but "Better" ;)


Drilling Kiev, Kiev oblast

System water

Contact our organization You can be confident that You will be correctly selected and mounted pumping equipment, considering all the parameters of the well.


Installation design and installation of systems of water supply in the Kiev region

Design object

When carrying out engineering-geological analysis for drilling wells, it is desirable to develop and design documentation. We provide design services in Kiev and Kiev region.


Design of facilities for drilling of wells and installation of water and wastewater


Wastewater treatment is a vital necessity, and with the help of local, domestic, storm and sewage You can comfortably for themselves and safe for the environment to organize your life in a country house or dacha.


Installation of sewers in the Kiev region

The service areas, the drilling company Kielburger

  • Drilling in the Kiev region
  • Baryshevsky district
  • Belotserkovsky district
  • Boguslavsky district
  • Boryspil's'kyi district
  • Borodyansky district
  • Brovary district
  • Vasilkovsky area
  • Volodarsky district
  • Vyshhorods'kyi district
  • Zgurovsky district
  • Ivankov district
  • Kagarlyksky district
  • Kiyevo-Svyatoshinskiy rayon
  • Makarov district
  • Myronivsky area
  • Obukhov district
  • Pereyaslav-Khmel'nyts'kyi district
  • Polessky district
  • Rakitnyansky area
  • Skvirsky district
  • Stavischensky district
  • Tarashchansky district
  • Tetievsky district
  • Fastovsky area
  • Yagotynsky district

Reviews our clients

  • In the past year, contacted the company "Kielburger" in order to drill a well on the property. The company's employees have executed all volume of the necessary work in the shortest possible time. In the process of drilling any difficulties arise, the chemistry with the team soon found. Qualification and professionalism at a very high level. I want to Express my gratitude to the team of drillers and managers of the Company. I wish you further prosperity and growth.

    Brovary (Kyiv oblast)
  • Respected leadership and employees of the company "Kielburger". Our large family wants to thank you for your assistance and a job well done. We've been looking for the company that would agree to execute all amount of works on drilling of wells for holding water to our house. On the strong recommendation of friends turned to you. The drilling process was difficult, but the team successfully deal with it.Thank you very much for your work!

    Alexey Gennadievich
    Boyarka (Kyiv region)
  • Ordered a well for water in this company. Was cheaper than the competition. The surprise was that in the winter of wells drilled as well as in summer. Did everything very carefully and accurately. Left behind cleanliness and order. The result of the work and clean water in the house we are very happy! Reliable, fast, professional. Well done, thanks!

    C.Princes (Kiev Svyatoshinsky district)