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OOO "Kielburger" Ukraine, Kiev street Architects 20
 Our company keeps pace with time, we offer
to address issues of drinking water country houses:
 - Well design and construction design
    - Drilling of water wells
        - Installation of pumping equipment and water systems
            - Systems of Autonomous irrigation
               - Thermal wells

 The company Kielburger offers next services: well drilling, water treatment, design of water supply, installation of heating, installation of sewers, irrigation systems in Borodyansky district.

The drilling of wells, installation of water treatment systems, irrigation, sewers. Design of water supply, the installation of heating in Borodyansky district

Borodyansky district is located in the Western part of the Kiev region, founded in 1923. The area of 0.9 km2. As at 01.01. 2002 in the area lived 57,8 thousand people On the territory of the district is 5 towns - Sochi (city center), Babintsy, Klavdiyevo-tarasove, Nemeshaevo, Peskovka and 43 rural settlements.

 Our company can offer its services in the settlements of Borodyanka district:

PGT: •Babyntsi • Sochi • Klavdiyevo-Tarasove • Nemishajeve • Peskovka

Surrounding villages:
•Берестянка • Блиставица • Бондарня • Буда-Бабинецкая • Вабля • Великий Лес • Вишняки • Волица • Гай • Галинка • Диброва • Дмитровка • Дружня • Загальцы • Здвижевка • Качалы • Коблица • Коблицкий Лес • Козинцы • Красный Рог • Лубянка • Майдановка • Мигалки • Микуличи • Мирча • Михайленков • Небрат • Новая Буда • Новая Гребля • Новое Залесье • Новый Корогод • Озёра • Озерщина • Пилиповичи • Пороскотень • Поташня • Раска • Старая Буда • Тальское • Торфяное • Шибеное • Язвинка

 We offer affordable prices for these services, which are formed proceeding from wishes of the customer and the natural factors influencing the cost calculation.

 For example:

  • The depth of the well
  • Well design
  • The materials used
  • Transportation equipment to the site of works
  • Tolerances design start of work
  • The choice of system vodoochistki, irrigation, heating
  • The complexity of the systems kanalizacii and other systems
  • Other individual calculations

Work with the customer is carried out strictly according to plan:

1. Accept your application. Clarify your position and order.
2. Our specialist comes to you to check the area (will travel if the drilling rig) and give an initial evaluation the ground.
3. Decide together on the timing of drilling operations.
4. The day before the appointed time to call you for order confirmation.
5. At the appointed time come to you with equipment and materials to perform the work.

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