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 Our company keeps pace with time, we offer
to address issues of drinking water supply in country homes:
 - Well design and construction design
    - Drilling of water wells
        - Installation of pumping equipment and water systems
            - Systems of Autonomous irrigation
               - Thermal wells

Artesian well drilling

 Smooth water all year round — that's the dream of many users of the centralized water supply system. However, water intake from open sources, even with good filtration may be hazardous to health. Therefore, the modern owners of private households prefer to order the drilling of water wells for domestic water supply.

 The company Kielburger offers services for the development and drilling of deep wells in the limestone in the Kiev region. The staff includes professionals with extensive experience in the drilling. Our services have helped many owners of private homes, farms and small businesses to acquire their own source of water year-round.

Advantages the drilling of artesian wells:

Access to clean water all year round, with no blackouts and overpayments for communal. You control access to water resources on the site.
Service life up to 50 years. If constant care (monitoring, timely cleaning of the trunk) is significantly longer.
High flow rate enables the use of water without sacrificing their personal plans. You can simultaneously water the garden, prepare food, take a shower and fill the pool in the yard.
In the presence of the boiler it is possible to adjust the system for winter water heating.
Before starting work, we will conduct calculations to help determine the depth of drilling at a specific site. Also study the geological features of the cut that can affect the result. In some cases, the wellbore is reinforced by installing metal pipes fixtures that protect the water from clogging the loose rocks.

The characteristics of artesian wells in Kiev region

Artesian wells in Kiev region are drilled to a depth of an average of 40 - 200 metres occur where the limestone aquifer. During the drilling penetration into very wet Sands or unconsolidated rock that may require the use of a conductor (large diameter pipe, which is fitted to casing design that protects the stem from a collapse of rocks, displacement and pollution). Drilling the limestone is most often carried out by the rotary way with washing.

The yield of deep wells in the Kiev region is N — N cubic meters per hour, with the risk Samoilova in some areas. Results volume of water may vary depending on the locality and the depth of drilling. For example, in the /CITY NAME/ drilled further inland to N meters with the rate of N cubic meters per hour, and in the /CITY NAME/ the figures are N meters and N cubic meters per hour.

The construction of the artesian wells in Kiev region

The arrangement of the deep well — это серьёзная, но нужная статья расходов. Благодаря возможностям артезианского источника можно создать в доме систему водоснабжения и обеспечить зимнее отопление. Для эксплуатации скважины достаточно следующих устройств:

The caisson. With this device, creates a sealed pit below the level of winter frost greatly reduced the risk of zaledeneli of water in the wellbore. In Kiev region the thickness of the winter ice is N centimeters deep into the surface of the earth.
Powerful pumping equipment with automation will provide an efficient abstraction and distribution of water on commercial systems.
Sewage system (septic tank) eliminates the risk of contact with domestic and organic waste in the soil and the wellbore.
Filters and softeners is necessary to purify water from impurities and hardness salts.
The company Kielburger engaged in drilling and construction of artesian wells all over the Kiev region. Our experience and knowledge of the characteristics of the soil of the region allows us to identify for customers the optimal parameters of drilling and equipping water sources.

 To order the drilling of a borehole in your yard – contact us at email phones. We will update some details and then let you know the cost and timing of drilling operations.

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