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 Our company keeps pace with time, we offer
to address issues of drinking water supply in country homes:
 - Well design and construction design
    - Drilling of water wells
        - Installation of pumping equipment and water systems
            - Systems of Autonomous irrigation
               - Thermal wells

Бурение скважин на воду в Киевской области

 Drilling of water wells for household, industrial use in Kiev, Kiev region. We carry a full range of works, including equipment supply, arrangement of Autonomous water supply system for year-round use of "turnkey". The use of high performance rigs allow us to reach a depth of 20 (in sand) up to 250 meters (on limestone), depending on the needs of the customer. Drilling for water in the Kiev region is performed by a team of experienced, qualified professionals under the control of chief engineer, so we give guarantee for every drilled hole.

Drilling of water wells Artesian well drilling Drilling in the winter of Kiev Construction of wells

 The advantages of ordering such services as: drilling, water, designing, installation of systems the company "Kielburger»

Turning to us, you with 100% guarantee get :

galka  An integrated approach – мы осуществляем бурение скважин на воду с полным обустройством, включающим монтаж обсадной колонны, оголовка, кессона, насосного оборудования, заведение воды в дом. Мы спроектируем для вас систему водоочистки на основе лабораторного анализа воды, чтобы вы могли использовать ее для удовлетворения всех бытовых потребностей

galka  Quality assurance – оборудование, которое мы используем, обеспечивает высокую скорость бурения скважин, правильную геометрию стенок ствола скважины, позволяет выходить на большие глубины. Это гарантирует стабильный дебит гидротехнического сооружения, а использование высококачественных материалов при обустройстве – залог его долговечности

galka  The efficiency of operations – в зависимости от сложности, бурение занимает 1-3 дня. Средняя глубина водоносных горизонтов (известняков) составляет 60-120 метров, но в отдельных районах она может достигать 180-ти и более метров. Мы хорошо знакомы с артезианским бассейном Киевской области, поэтому готовы с точностью до нескольких метров назвать глубину залегания водоносных известняков для Вашего населенного пункта/района

galka  The best price of drilling, development – буровые работы с монтажом обсадной колонны обойдутся вам в 320-350 гривен за погонный метр. Дополнительное оборудование поставляется по выгодным ценам от производителей

galka  Additional services – монтаж автономной канализации, сантехнические работы по разводке воды внутри дома, подключению точек водопотребления

galka  Customers placing complex orders receive discounts.

On the sand, or limestone – which one to choose?

 Artesian well drilling important for owners of country houses, cottages, industrial enterprises. This hydraulic structure is characterized by high flow rate (3-5 m3 per hour), a stable chemical composition of water, which is a deep natural clean. Hole in the sand is more suitable to provide water to the summer house in the country under the seasonal rate. The flow rate does not exceed 1 m3 per hour, water quality depends on seasonal climatic conditions, abundant rainfall, the presence near the industrial enterprises polluting Bank.
How to order services for drilling water wells in Kiev and Kiev region?
To order the services of professionals of the company "Kielburger" contact us from the "Contacts" section of the methods or leave a request on the website. Immediately enter your locality/area so we can announce the estimated cost of the work. Drilling in Kiev or Kiev region is carried out on a contractual basis, upon delivery of the results you get a warranty certificate. 

 Wells used for water supply must be reliable and provide you with necessary quantity of good quality water. To do this, and develop individual projects for such types of work as the drilling of wells. Geological documentation during drilling of wells in Kiev and the Kiev region - this is a multifaceted issue, including hydrogeological characteristics, environmental protection, safety at work and the special part needed for the design of the work.
To drill a well requires a preliminary hydrological section, and projected the construction of wells. Our organization has the opportunity to use the cadastre of underground waters of Ukraine, which gives the opportunity to carry out design and drilling operations. We carry out such work as drilling of water wells, artesian well depth and design of which depends on the hydrogeological, ecological and sanitary conditions of the site and the Customer's specifications.

 Our specialists will answer all your questions and accept your applications.


 In Kiev and Kiev region due to technology is the drilling of filter wells in the Poltava buchats'kyi and Cenomanian, Jurassic aquifer (20 m - 300 m) and the use of steel, glass lined and plastic pipes of different diameter (100 mm-600 mm).

Reasonable prices for drilling water wells, call and practices!

The drilling of wells in column 1

1. Using d. 127 pipe, steel (under 3-inch pump) - (Negotiable).
2. Using d. 127 pipe, enameled (at 3-4-inch pump) - (Negotiable).
3. Using pipe . PVC 125,at (-3-inch pump4 - 370  

350 UAH

4. Using pipe 140 PVC (at 3-4-inch pump) - (Negotiable).

The drilling of wells in 2 columns

1. D. steel casing 159, ekspl. D. 108 trucks (under 3-inch pump) - (Negotiable).
2. D. steel casing 159, ekspl. D. 108 steel (under 3-inch pump) - (Negotiable).
3. D. 219 steel casing, ekspl. D. 127 steel  - (Negotiable).
4. D. 219 steel casing, ekspl. D. 127 enamel  - (Negotiable).
Prices for drilling project wells be separately calculated.
 The cost of drilling includes installation of a 2 m filter, each additional meter of filter costs 500 UAH. Guarantee on the performance of the well is 2 years from the date of signing the act of acceptance-transmission works.

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