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 Our company keeps pace with time, we offer
to address issues of drinking water country houses:
 - Well design and construction design
    - Drilling of water wells
        - Installation of pumping equipment and water systems
            - Systems of Autonomous irrigation
               - Thermal wells

How to choose a place to drill wells?

 Underground water exists almost everywhere. Rare areas exclude their presence. Although there are areas where the groundwater is not suitable for use because they contain harmful for human health substances and trace elements. But if on the plot there is an underground sources, it is foolish not to take advantage of this gift of nature, order drilling and not to drink tap water.

 Before you drill a well for water at the site, you first need the water to find and test in the laboratory. Moreover, not every land has the opportunity. Problems with this can arise if:

• на территории преобладают холмы и горные образования;
• недалеко протекает река с высокими берегами;
• неподалеку имеется источник;
• в местности разрабатываются карьеры и имеются глубокие скважины.

 Under these conditions, the ground water is so deep underground that not every drill can reach her.

 The main symptom of the lack of water are blossoming acacia. Also, be aware that water may lie close to the surface, but to be unfit to contain compounds of iron and manganese and other contaminants.
There are several ways drilling, each of them has its own advantages and is suitable for a particular location. Distinguish ways the auger, the percussion-rotary and combined. To determine the optimal method, it is necessary to consider a number of factors such as depth, type of soil, as well as restrictions on the territory.

 If you have a choice between drilling and well, it is recommended to give preference to the first: however, were drilling, the depth of the channel is much more than a traditional well that allows you to use only the top layers of water.

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