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 Our company keeps pace with time, we offer
to address issues of drinking water country houses:
 - Well design and construction design
    - Drilling of water wells
        - Installation of pumping equipment and water systems
            - Systems of Autonomous irrigation
               - Thermal wells

The installation of heating in the Kiev region

Feature of any modern plumbing in a residential premises, and, primarily, the heating system is its technological complexity, which leads to a high responsibility of the performers at all stages of the project. Fairly small errors in the calculations, the choice of components or installation of home heating, and the efficiency of the system will never reach the required level. Moreover, many times increases the probability of emergencies, which eventually may result in significant financial losses. All this confirms the need for a highly professional and most responsible approach to each stage of reconstruction of heating system in a private home.

montazh otopleniya systems otopleniya

The main of them, in accordance with generally accepted standards include:
• Предварительный анализ состояния и параметров объекта;
• Разработка проектного решения;
• Подбор оптимального по совокупности технических, функциональных и потребительских характеристик оборудования и комплектующих;
• Монтаж отопления, пусконаладка, тестовый запуск системы.

 High qualification and rich practical experience are the guarantee that the calculation and installation of the heating system are made extremely efficiently and reliably, regardless of the area house, townhouse or cottage.

Types of installation of heating in private house

Masters of our company perform the installation and maintenance of heating all the most common currently types:
• Парового, с точкой теплоснабжения, расположенной вне пределов отапливаемого объекта.
• Воздушного, широко востребованного во многих западных странах, экономичного, эффективного и практичного.
• Водяного, наиболее популярного в нашей стране, отличающегося простотой и достаточной надежностью.
• Электрического, представленного в различных версиях обогревательных систем – пленочных, кабельных, инфракрасных и пр.
• Панельного, при котором трубы для циркуляции воды или пара расположены внутри бетонных панелей.

 Our consultants will help you choose the most appropriate for the particular application and to your wishes when mounting the heating in the house.

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The service areas, the drilling company Kielburger

  • Drilling in the Kiev region
  • Baryshevsky district
  • Belotserkovsky district
  • Boguslavsky district
  • Boryspil's'kyi district
  • Borodyansky district
  • Brovary district
  • Vasilkovsky area
  • Volodarsky district
  • Vyshhorods'kyi district
  • Zgurovsky district
  • Ivankov district
  • Kagarlyksky district
  • Kiyevo-Svyatoshinskiy rayon
  • Makarov district
  • Myronivsky area
  • Obukhov district
  • Pereyaslav-Khmel'nyts'kyi district
  • Polessky district
  • Rakitnyansky area
  • Skvirsky district
  • Stavischensky district
  • Tarashchansky district
  • Tetievsky district
  • Fastovsky area
  • Yagotynsky district