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OOO "Kielburger" Ukraine, Kiev street Architects 20
 Our company keeps pace with time, we offer
to address issues of drinking water country houses:
 - Well design and construction design
    - Drilling of water wells
        - Installation of pumping equipment and water systems
            - Systems of Autonomous irrigation
               - Thermal wells

Design in the Kiev region

When the organization's leadership is planning the construction of an industrial facility , primarily to produce the General plan and design of future buildings. The same must and for drilling water wells (regulated by Water Code of Ukraine art. 106 ).
After all competently drafted is:
- close to real conditions of geological and hydrological section, and future well construction;
- take into account individual need in the quantity and quality of produced water;
- the possibility of preliminary calculation of the cost of drilling and installation works;
- not harmed the environment during construction works;
- durability well
-no "differences" with the state regulatory organizations.
- the design of any water supply well based on the thorough study and deep analysis of the specific local geological and hydrological conditions.

proektirovanie skvagin kievburmash

In order to begin developing design documentation, the Customer, you should provide the following documentation:
The list of documents required for the design supplied by the Customer (DBN A. 2.2-3-2004 of Appendix G):
  1. A letter of application for the design.
  2. Specification for design of groundwater abstraction.
  3. The normative calculation of water consumption and wastewater.
  4. The General plan of the territory M 1:500.
  5. Situational plan. M 1:10 000.
  6. The act of choosing, the study of the land plot for placement of water wells.
  7. The decision of the village( town) Council on the coordination, the location of the wells, and the permission to collect materials for technical documentation of the location of the well.
  8. The state acts on land ownership (rent).
  9. Report on geotechnical penalties, sections.
The finished project coordinated by the geological services in the departments of sanitation and environmental protection and is the basis for the issuance of permits for drilling.
(According to DBN 2.2-3-2004 (p. 9.16) submission of project documentation for approval and expertise is the responsibility of the Customer. On behalf of the Customer presentation of design documentation for approval and expertise can take on a designer with his consent and for a fee.)
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The service areas, the drilling company Kielburger

  • Drilling in the Kiev region
  • Baryshevsky district
  • Belotserkovsky district
  • Boguslavsky district
  • Boryspil's'kyi district
  • Borodyansky district
  • Brovary district
  • Vasilkovsky area
  • Volodarsky district
  • Vyshhorods'kyi district
  • Zgurovsky district
  • Ivankov district
  • Kagarlyksky district
  • Kiyevo-Svyatoshinskiy rayon
  • Makarov district
  • Myronivsky area
  • Obukhov district
  • Pereyaslav-Khmel'nyts'kyi district
  • Polessky district
  • Rakitnyansky area
  • Skvirsky district
  • Stavischensky district
  • Tarashchansky district
  • Tetievsky district
  • Fastovsky area
  • Yagotynsky district