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 Our company keeps pace with time, we offer
to address issues of drinking water supply in country homes:
 - Well design and construction design
    - Drilling of water wells
        - Installation of pumping equipment and water systems
            - Systems of Autonomous irrigation
               - Thermal wells

Water treatment in the Kiev region

Installation of filters, systems for water purification, water purification equipment

The landscaping of a house for permanent residence or a summer vacation requires the care of complex and high-quality water purification. At the same time is important not only choosing a durable and practical equipment, but also professional installation of the purchased filter. For quality installation of water purification equipment capable of prolonging service life, contact the professionals.

"Kielburger" offers complex solutions for home, garden or office, created by the patented technology of electrochemical, ultraviolet, reverse osmosis purification etc. Turning to the specialists, You will be able to find reliable filters to eliminate any negative factors affecting water quality: the range includes systems of deferrization, demanganization, removal of hydrogen sulfide, etc.

How is the installation of systems for water purification

Installation of filters for water purification is carried out in several stages.

Installation of the system begins with the installation of the working equipment elements in a country house, apartment, office or workplace. After fixing to the wall the individual blocks machinery (magnetic transducer, the aeration module, sorption filter, etc.) are connected by fittings and hoses.

The system is connected to communication networks: water, sewer and electricity. To do this, "Kielburger" produce a frame filter in the water supply and the installation of stopcock of water supply. Connected to the sewer siphon equipment is connected to the mains at home a flexible cable laid to panel compressor box.

Run and test:
After installation of the water filter experts "Kielburger" made a trial run of the equipment in which it is determined under what pressure the water is moving in all areas of treatment. Testing of the filter also includes a test of the actual bandwidth of the system and compliance with the obtained value target. To further purification of the water was completely automated, determines the correct operation of control equipment.

Analysis of water quality:
Obtained at the outlet of the purification system water is analyzed for several positions in the chemical composition. Then the specialists of "Kielburger" determine the level of total hardness, pH balance, content in the test sample of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and other dangerous for human health components. Complex analysis guarantees the quality of the resulting drinking water Hygienic requirements to water drinking, intended for human consumption (state sanitary rules and regulations 2.2.4-171-10)

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The service areas, the drilling company Kielburger

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  • Belotserkovsky district
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  • Borodyansky district
  • Brovary district
  • Vasilkovsky area
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